Tuesday, February 12, 2013

That Flu-Doo That You-Do

I’m not someone who complains on Facebook when illness strikes, looking for sympathy and covered casseroles.

So, lucky you, I’m going to do it here. And you don’t even have to sympathetically comment, which most of you don’t anyway. But I know you’re reading this. At least, I assume you’re reading this, except for that guy in Germany who came here looking for something other than the Double You D (Squared) writer’s blog by Googling the words “Double D housewives.” Seriously. My sitemeter says that happened. And I don’t think my sitemeter messes with me. Even when I’m sick.

Proof that there’s a song on YouTube about everything.

I know you hate when people say, “I never get sick.” I hate it, too. But, really, I never get sick. Although, in my case, “never” means “rarely.” I rarely get sick. I thought my days of a compromised immune system were over, since I no longer have kids at home to gift me with whatever form of acute flesh-eating eboladysenteryplagueflu they picked up at school from other kids whose parents knew they should’ve kept them at home but didn’t.

Anyway, I’m currently sipping water and eating crackers and reminding myself to be very happy that I’m a work-at-home writer. I had to turn in my column this morning and I have a new assignment to get to, but I’m able to do all this from the comfort of my home, which, luckily, has four bathrooms.

Yeah, OK, that was too much information. Sorry. Go ahead and leave a chastising comment if you want to. And, for the record: 34B, on a good day.

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